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Crisis management : how are industry leaders reacting?

Apr 2, 2020 7:45:00 AM / by Raj

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Adversity can bring out the worst and the best in human society and history is witness to this behavior. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has disrupted normal life and challenged the foundations of the economy. Amidst the fear and uncertainty that reigns the following questions are not uncommon among employees and employers.


  • Will I get paid?
  • Is my job safe?
  • Is my salary going to be reduced?
  • Will I get hired for the interview that I gave a month back?


  • Should we reduce pay?
  • Should we lay off people?
  • Should we stop hiring?
  • How do we manage the loss?
  • When do we get out of this spiral?
  • How do we ensure we are not left behind when this crisis subsides?

While an answer to all these questions are hard to come by for everyone, let's spend some time looking at how industry leaders are reacting to the situation and the global impact on jobs and employment. Engagepulse looks at a few examples that stand out and how company culture is reflecting in the way companies are reacting.

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  • Amazon, Google and LinkedIn continue to hire but through video conferencing instead of traditional means. EY has also moved to a virtual student recruitment process.
  • Amazon to hire an additional 100,000 employees in the US owing to the spike in online buying (source)
  • CVS pharmacy whose business has grown is offering bonuses to its employees and plans to hire an additional 50,000 employees (source)
  • Supermarkets in Britain like Tesco, Asda, Alda and Lidl are hiring thousands of new employees to meet the growing buying behavior (source)
  • Walmart is hiring an additional 150,000 temporary workers (source)
  • Dollar Tree and 7-Eleven to hire 20,000 plus employees each (source)
  • Pizza Hut will hire 30,000 permanent workers (source)

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 Remote Work 

  • Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft has have implemented a work from home policy for its employees starting March (source)
  • IBM having moved away from a work from home policy three years back, brought it back into practice (source)
  • Google North America employees have been asked to stay at home till April 10th (source)
  • Walmart has enacted a policy that allows its hourly workers to take a leave without objections (source)
  • 55% of the companies surveyed by WTW are encouraging virtual meetings instead of travel (source)


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  • Google has created a COVID-19 fund for temporary staff and vendors globally (source
  • Amazon is giving a raise to its warehouse and delivery workers (source)
  • Starbucks has introduced therapy sessions for its employees over video chat (source)
  • Apple is offering unlimited paid sick leave to any retail staff experiencing symptoms (source)
  • Amazon announced a $25 million relief fund for delivery drivers and seasonal workers (source)
  • Uber and Lyft will be compensating its drivers for upto 14 days (source)
  • Netflix pledges $100 million for out of work production crew and cast (source)
  • Adobe is offering free distance learning for schools impacted by COVID-19 (source)
  • Disney will continue paying employees and issuing refunds for cancelled visits during the COIVID-19 crisis (source)
  • Facebook is giving a $1000 bonus to all employees (source) and $100,000 in grants to 30,000 small businesses to help tide over the crisis (source)
  • Hilton has waived cancellation fees for guests with reservations in affected areas (source)
  • Walmart is paying $550 million in bonus to its employees (source)
  • BlackRock has committed $50 million to support people affected by COVID-19 globally (source)

There are many others out there that are suffering, but these companies have managed to make a difference in the midst of adversity. While these are well established companies, there are definitely many unknown heroes out there who are making a difference during these testing times. The team at Engagepulse salutes such heroes and the undying human spirit.

Want to share something that your team and company is doing? We will post it for you.

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Written by Raj